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In India, after a ~2.5-month long summer break, schools reopen in the first week of June. The first few days are usually relaxed and it allows most students to ease into the academic year after a long break. The initial few days are mostly about introductions, especially the introduction of how every day at school is going to be- the time table.

Every single person in the class had something to look forward to in the time table based on their interests: PT for the athletes; Art, music, literature, and dance for the liberal arts enthusiast; Lab sessions for the experimenters, and the library for introverts like me.

I wasn’t enthusiastically reading until a few years back, and library sessions during school weren’t actually utilized for reading. I mostly enjoyed the solitude the session offered as I got to sit alone with a book and enjoy some quiet time in the pretense of reading.

Without a doubt, recess time was special. Colloquially speaking: short break after 2 sessions in the morning, followed by 3 more sessions until lunch break. I used to carry snacks for the short break, but the day machoism became important than gastro needs, I stopped. Carrying snacks didn’t come in the manual to be a ‘man’.

During high school, short break was a joke. It was sometimes used by teachers to complete portions as they looked at the short break as just extenders for their sessions.

Lunch break, on the other hand, has always offered a plethora of experiences: People sharing food; Classmates fighting, and some romancing; People flocking to the ground for playing; Finishing up homework or taking care of activities like playing odd or even.

Naturally, there were days when the combination of subjects wasn’t exciting and there was nothing to look forward to on that particular day. But, luckily, lunch break was there every day and somedays had interesting sessions post-lunch. Despite being a fan of silence and solitude, I have enjoyed the energy with which the entire school reverberates during lunch break.

Fridays were special, as it is usually the last working day of the week. I don’t have a well carved out time table like how I did in school, but the emotion shared on a Friday hasn’t changed.

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