The lie machine

Paul Ekman is a renowned psychologist in the area of studying emotions and corresponding facial expressions. He has the reputation of being the world’s best lie detector, and he extensively uses his knowledge in helping law enforcement agencies.

The central character in the TV series “Lie to me”, Dr. Cal Lightman, is based on Paul Ekman. In one of the episodes, Cal’s daughter requests him not to use his knowledge of deciphering facial expressions on her, as she feels vulnerable and him intruding into her privacy.

It is a fair request; as we are lying all the time.

It is a strong statement to be made about mankind, but that’s just the reality. I’m wary of using the word “reality” because of its relative nature. Nevertheless, I am using it to denote the actual state of any object or an environment.

Funnily, I am going to contradict my above definition of reality with the help of thermodynamics; only to cement my earlier statement about how we are lying all the time.

The total entropy(degree of disorder/randomness) of the universe is continuously increasing. If the entropy of the universe is constantly increasing, it is safe to assume the “reality” we experience- also known as our perception is constantly changing. Circling back to my explanation of an actual state; does that really exist?

Even if it did exist, there is a huge gap between our perception and “reality”. What we identify as the colour of an object is nothing but the reflection that’s interpreted by the photosensory receptors in our brain. We cannot say for sure if the colour we are perceiving and the actual colour is the same.

Some of the mystics have tied the idea of enlightenment to realizing reality or the truth. But, this idea of enlightenment as the tasting of truth, if it is looked through an objective lens, it is nothing but another person’s perception.

Lying is nothing but the act of not telling the truth.

Is that even possible?

Thank you for reading.



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