Missing my massage

Ruby, Pearl, Red coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, and Cat’s eye are known as the Navratnas (9 gems). These precious stones form the basis for some of the concepts that are widespread in the field of astrology and cosmology. These gems, when used individually or in combination are believed to have magical properties.

Emami, a popular Indian cosmetic company, saw value in the name ‘Navratna’ and launched a therapeutic oil with the same name. The advertising team was astute to portray the 9 primary ingredients as the gems that made the oil a Navratna.

In a year, I probably visit the barbershop not more than 5 times, and the cumulative expense for grooming my hair is usually under 400 INR (5 USD). I go to the same place and I pretty much get the same haircut from the same barber. Lately, my grooming expenses have gone up; thanks to Navratna oil!

Every time I got a haircut, my barber would propose the idea of a head massage, and I would immediately decline. I had a moment of weakness during one of the visits, and I gave consent for the massage. The first time the oil touched my scalp, I knew it was going to be therapeutic because of the instant coolness that spread all over my head.

For 20 minutes, as I lay on the reclined chair with my eyes closed, I let my barber unleash his magic coupled with the talismanic properties of the oil.

Ever since I became a proponent of self-care, the Navratna massage has entered the list of activities I engage in as part of my self-care plan.

I am aware of the grand plans people want to execute after the lockdown is lifted; my scheme is to leverage the mystical powers of the Navratna!



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