I want a tattoo, but I don’t want one.

Travel & Living, now TLC, used to be my favorite channel during my early years of high school. Travel, cooking, lifestyle, and a lot of other related subjects used to be the theme of most shows. I have felt the channel was tailor-made for my taste, and there were few shows I watched regularly.

Miami Ink was a popular show on Travel & Living about tattoos, and the episodes usually covered the story behind every customer’s drive for getting a particular tattoo. Sometimes, if there was relevance to the storyline, they would also give a glimpse into the tattoo artists’ personal life.

Katherine Von Drachenberg AKA Kat Von D was my favorite artist on the show, and majority of her body is covered with tattoos. I believe, my fascination for older women coupled with the rebellious behavior that she usually had on the show was why I liked her. When I used to watch the show, I used to think about how I want Kat to be my artist if I ever decide to get a tattoo.

Almost a decade later, I attended my first 10 day Vipassana course, and I fell in love with the idea of impermanence; The fundamental principle of Vipassana.

In Pali language, impermanence is Aniccha and that’s the word I want to tattoo on my chest. It is still a want for multifarious reasons. My parents and a few adults in my family have always cautioned me of getting one as it is sacrilegious to the body. I have found merit to it as a tattoo is developed by puncturing the skin and inserting ink.

Additionally, for some weird reason, I don’t want to lose my virginity of not having tattoos. Despite the technology available for removing permanent tattoos, I feel it is irreversible. Also, the common myth about tattoos spreading cancer has pressed my panic buttons really hard! I don’t want to pierce my body so that the crab could bite me later!

As I preview the above reasons, I couldn’t help but notice the faint voice inside my head saying “You are too chicken to do this!”

Maybe, I am.

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