Empty & chaotic

Every time I sit down to write, I think about what piece of information can I share that will add value to my readers. I usually sit down with a book, write the topic in the centre of the page and allow my mind to unravel. I write down whatever thoughts I get related to the topic without any prejudice and I decide on how I can weave it all together.

Pretty much a brain dump!

Today, I didn’t follow that procedure because I was lazy about following any task that demanded discipline. I just couldn’t put a pin on one topic and get after it the way I usually do.

I guess, when the majority of a day is spent on binge-watching a TV series, the lack of discipline extends into other areas. Even though I am not particularly proud of not having a productive day, instead of beating myself up, I decided to cut myself some slack and look at it as a day that was just utilized for relaxing and catering to chores.

But, when the time came for me to sit down and start writing, the laid back attitude I had throughout the day put me on a guilt trip and I haven’t been able to bulldoze the resistance for writing.

Even though my mind is bustling with different ideas, when I am trying to put the words together, it feels like my mind is empty.

I did think about talking about dark matter in physics, as it represents matter that cannot be observed directly, and it was analogous to my mental state.

But then, even my nerd mode was sipping sangrias by the beach in comfy shorts!

Thank you for reading!



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