Don’t imitate god

Lord Vishnu is a revered figure amongst the deities of Hinduism. He is considered the preserver of the universe and is said to have taken on 9 different incarnations every time the universe was filled with evil and chaos.

The Sudarshan chakra is a serrated, disc-shaped weapon that is constantly spinning around the forefinger of Lord Vishnu’s right rear hand. There are also references about how it is also a representation of time; the wheel of time to be accurate.

Way before pen drives and external storage devices became popular, CDs ruled the domain of storage accessories. Be it movies, music, games, or data of any format, a CD was the most preferred storage device.

In my uncle’s organization, the facilities department had placed a bulk order for CDs, and in the packaging, thick plastic discs were placed in between to reduce impact and consequent damage to the CDs. Obviously it was discarded after the CDs were removed from the packing. My uncle decided to pick it because he thought it would excite me.

The day I got it, I remember pretending to be Lord Vishnu with the disc on my right forefinger. I vividly recollect people getting annoyed with the role-playing, but that didn’t stop the young god from carrying out his duties of being the preserver. There were logistical difficulties of having to manually rotate the disc, but who can god complain to?

A couple of days later, just when I thought the novelty of the disc was over, I picked it up again and felt omnipotent. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have paid heed to the feeling of being god, as it got me into some major trouble.

In my excitement, I pushed the disc significantly lower than where I usually position, and since the disc fit snugly, it was easy to run around without having to worry about the disc wobbling or falling down. Just to be sure, I tried removing the disc a couple of times to ensure I will be able to remove it.

I was only successful during the trials!

I was about to stop playing, but I felt the need to push the disc further down as I was confident about removing it later. The final point was a sweet spot as the disc fit perfectly, and there was enough space to facilitate smooth spinning. I was winding down the show, and I obviously tried to remove the disc.

I should have paid attention to the swelling on my forefinger before I thrust the CD to the lowest point. My forefinger was stuck in the disc, and there was no way to remove it. At least, that’s what the panic-stricken version of me thought. I was beginning to worry, but then I remembered how oil or soap could do the job for me. Long story short, both didn’t solve my issue and I had no other option but to inform my grandmother, as she was the only one home that day.

My forefinger was stuck in the disc, but my grandmother’s determination to solve the problem with soap resulted in almost half of my arm being covered in foam. Even she wasn’t able to remove the disc, but she proposed an idea I was dreading: calling my uncle for help.

My grandmother called him and explained the situation. He reached pretty quickly, and I was scared of how he was going to respond. Funnily, after seeing me with the disc stuck in the forefinger, he couldn’t help but laugh.

He used a hacksaw blade and cut the CD from both ends. When the blade was about to reach my finger, he stopped. The cut released the grip the CD had on my finger, and it was just a matter of breaking it into two pieces. When the purple disc was completely removed from my forefinger, I was relieved, but it also meant no more role-playing as the preserver.



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