Day in punctuations

Punctuations help in understanding sentences better.

They accurately establish the connection between words and convey emotions without ambiguity. There is nothing more ambiguous than life, and it is worth a shot to explain a day with a punctuation mark.

  1. Comma(,): They are perfect for the days when events happen one after the other, mostly in a snowballing fashion.
  2. Colon(:): Colons are for days when you figure out what happened during the first half during the second half.
  3. Exclamation(!): does this need an explanation?
  4. Apostrophe(’): Days when even secure people become clingy and possessive.
  5. Quotation (“ ”): If you are a social animal, glimpses would go on Instagram, and if you are private about your life, probably an entry in a diary or a personal journal.
  6. Full stop (.): Nothing special and the day rolled out pretty much according to plan.
  7. Question mark (?): This is my favorite. When you have no idea what’s happening, and you are constantly seeking answers.

BTW, today was definitely a ?

Thank you for reading!



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