Photo by Vadim Sherbakov on Unsplash

I got my first desktop computer in 9th grade and I vividly remember spending an enormous amount of time trying to understand the nuances for the first few months. More than just playing games, I was trying to understand the functionalities the PC offered. Prior to getting my own PC, I have only played games or watched movies on my friends’ or cousin’s PC.

I never really got the chance to be left alone with a computer to explore it completely.

One of the first few things I got myself acquainted with was changing the wallpaper. At school, I had definitely learned more than just changing wallpapers in the lab sessions, but again, the freedom to change the wallpaper and even experiment with it only came when my PC arrived.

Right-click anywhere on the desktop; Click on properties; Select the Desktop tab; Browse through the preloaded images or customize it using your own picture.

This was the exciting part: Own pictures!

My parents have always been big on taking pictures and recording memories. We had a ton of pictures and there was no scarcity for exercising the customize option.

You could choose to fit or stretch the picture based on your liking. The tile option was rarely chosen as I didn’t like the repetitiveness. Wallpaper didn’t offer customization beyond these options, but then, there was the screensaver settings. There were different animations that could be chosen, especially if the text option was selected. You could write something, and that would get displayed as the screen saver in different styles.

I recollect how I once made fun of my sister by typing something about her.

Obviously, it was reciprocated.

Fast forward 15 years, I’m almost suffocated by the photo editing options that are available on different social media platforms. Since I am writing this by reminiscing, I certainly miss the good old days that came with lesser options!

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